About Us

We are a young team of passonate design and technology geeks who craft
simple and elegant applications for IOS, Androd and Web

We do it right! We are a team of specialists who offers you the chance to transform your ideas into reality. How we do this? Simple, with a lot of hard work and years of experience that can be observed easy by just reading our portfolio, we present strategic consulting, research, graphic design and development of mobile applications.

Our objective is to find the right way for your mobile business applications, with expanded knowledge and work operation 24/7. We implement a set of techniques who stand's up for quality and confidence in the design, construction and deployment of your business applications. Our graphic designs are creative regardless of what medium your working in and gives you the solution you need to succeed.

Our Services

Mobile Development

Our team can design and develop iPhone, iPad(iOS) and Android applications for business, brands and start-ups

  • iPhone Development
  • iPad Development,
  • Android Development

UI / UX Design

Our designers are experienced in creating pixel perfect interfaces that allow your business to higher levels

  • Wireframes
  • Mobile App Design

Backend Development

With over 6 years experience in web development our team will transform your website into a professional business

  • Api Development
  • Backend App

How we work?

  • First quote & concept

    We do it right! We have like main objective to obtain a good cooperation with the client by discussing from the top his requests and no needed to say his expectations. The result of this type of approachis to identify your purpose and to have a clear discussion regarding the time and the budget to achieve a good project and future collaboration.

  • Tehnical documentation & Final price

    Describes in detail what type of app is going to be developed and the results that should be achieved in this project. We want to create a document as an assurance in the project to save first your time and to facilitate the collaboration.The specs document is part of a written agreement between thetwo parties, contract that will also specify the payment and the delivery terms, as well as the rights and the obligations of each party.

  • User interface design

    We create with your ideas a visual design plan and assume a creative unique design, our designer focusing on your requests. He will assure you that your ideas are transformed into a maximum impact and will be relevant for your project. We offer revisions because we want that the final product to in complete harmony with our client's requirements.

  • Development

    For your application we bring you knowledge and years of experience for your iPhone development project. A good application will need an excellent implementation and is exactly what our developers will offer you.That 's what will make a difference because we involve a manager and our team who will build the application according to the technical documentation. We will provide updates, project statuses so you to know exactly our work and to see how your application is built.

  • Client testing & Approval

    We will provide for you different versions of testing directly on iPhone /iPad until you are satisfied with our application. All the insignificant changes involved will be made with no additional costs. We pay attention for our client satisfaction and to make from your project a successful one. All we want is that our work to be in perfect compliance with our client's expectations.

  • Deployment

    We will not only help you navigate the application submision we will help you create and implement a strategy helping your application becoming a high-point one. The submision process can be 2 weeks longer and reviews every application in order to protect consumer privacy, safeguard children from inappropriate content. Is important for your application to be accepted by Apple in the first time and all the aspects of the application must be according with the requirements outlined in the IOS Developer Program License Agreement and should conform to the IOS Human Interface Guidelines. We want to help our client's in building an application that will be accepted.

  • Warranty & support

    We offer two months warranty like proof for our work, in this time we offer all the delivered applications. We will assure you that we will run your application without errors, in this case any error at all, we will be obligated to correct any errors of your application in case that is caused by our work.After the warranty period we can consult you for further modifications and developments if the client's demand it.

So, if you want to work with our team just


We'll try to come back to you with an answer as soon as possible

Our Clients

WeDoMobile did an excellent work and they were very understanding, especially with an undecided customer such as me. They really helped us try different directions until we were totally satisfied with our choices. I would recommend working with them without hesitation to everyone who wants to get a great project!

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